We invite for the culmination of the Legnica Festival of SILVER on May 17-18, combined with the announcement of results and the awarding of prizes at the 28th International Silver Jewelery Competition SILVER.


17th May (Friday) 2019

4.00 p.m.  – Katedralny Square, Rynek
The inauguration of the Festival – plen-air exhibition 40 years of Legnica SILVER In posters 
4.30 p.m. – Old Town Hall/Modrzejewska Theatre, Rynek 39 
Holownia – a show of works not qualified  for the 28TH Legnica International  Jewellery  Competition SILVER  
Silver – national contest for poster  for the 28TH Legnica International  Jewellery  Competition SILVER
5.00 p.m. – Silver Gallery under the Quail`s Basket, Rynek 38 
Debuts: Aleksandra Szulc Jewellery
5.30 p.m. – Galeria Niello, Rynek 17 
Joya Brava Interiors
Silver Schools: Assamblage Remains of the feast
Amberif Design Award Kairos
6.30 p.m. – Ring Gallery, Rynek 12 
21 grams – group exhibition, curator: R. Peters
7.00 p.m. – cafe Modjeska, Rynek 39 Legnica Jewellery festival SILVER  – open discussion about common future, and after:  40 years have passed - an evening of memories with a party 

18th May (Saturday) 2019 
10.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. Qubus Hotel, Skarbowa 2  
Boundaries of Global art: Silver – seminar about contemporary art, design and jewellery
5.00 p.m. – Satyrykon Gallery, Rynek 36  
International Competition of Artistic Jewellery Presentation 2018 SILVER and Amber – jewellery & photographs
About the artists: Karol Weisslechner ConjunctIon
6.00 p.m. –  Muzeum Miedzi, św. Jana 1 Handmade.
Polish Silver Art 1945-1979
7.00 p.m. – Gallery of Art, 1 Katedralny Square
SILVER in the lens – photo exhibition
About the artists: Jarosław westermark MaterIalisations
28th Legnica International Jewellery Competition SILVER   – award ceremony
8.00 p.m. - Ratuszowa Restaurant, Rynek 39 
Silver party – the meeting of participants and guests of the LJF SILVER
Accompanying exhibition: 40 years of SILVER in Legnica Open Art Studio, Chojnowska 19, Qubus, Hotel, Skarbowa 2 
Exhibitions open from 1st May - 9th June 2019

Seminar Boundaries of Global Art
in the framework of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER
Qubus Hotel, ul. Skarbowa 2, Legnica
May 18, 2019 at 11:00
11.00 – welcome
11.10 – dr Dagmara Wójcik (Poland) – Polish silver jewellery 1945-1979
11.35 – Valentina Buzamurga, Ioana Andrei (Romania) – Assamblage Association and the exhibition Remains of the Feast
12.00 – Miriam Arentz (Germany), About a jewellery manufacture at the Museum of Technology in Berlin
12.25 – Sonia Pinbrat (Germany), presentation of the studio, University of Trier, Campus Idar-Oberstein 
12.50 – break
13.20 – Maria Magdalena Kwiatkiewicz & Agnieszka Jankowiak (Poland), book Jewellery Artists. Talks about Polish jewellery
13.45 – prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski (Poland) Experimental Design Studio, Faculty of Architecture and Design, the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk - presentation of the studio
14.10 – dr Michalina Owczarek (Poland), Jewellery Department, Faculty of Textiles and Clothing, the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź - presentation of the department
14.35 – dr hab. Agata Danielak-Kujda (Poland), Jewellery Studio, Design Department, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław - presentation of the studio
15.00 – roundup, discussion



On 10 - 11 April, the jury of the 28th International Silver Jewelery Competition SREBRO took place at the Art Gallery.

The jury consisting of Herman Hermsen (Holland), Andrzej Szadkowski (Poland), Sławomir Fijałkowski (Poland), Ann-Catrin Hartel (Germany), Carolin Denter (Germany) and Tabea Reulecke (Germany) evaluated 383 works of 190 artists from 33 countries ( mainly from Europe, but also from Asia, South America and Africa). 47 authors were qualified for the main exhibition. The names of the laureates of the Competition will be announced on May 18 at the award ceremony in Legnica. 









List of qualified (alphabetical order):

1. Joanna Ewa Apanowicz                         (Poland)

2. Jordi Aparicio                                         (Spain)

3. Miriam Arentz                                         (Germany)

4. Swetlana Bauer                                     (Germany)

5. Ursula Biskup                                        (Germany)

6. Andrzej Boss                                          (Poland)

7. Anna i Witold Chudzik                        (Poland) 

8. Teresa Dantas                                        (Portugal)

9. Georg Dobler                                        (Germany)

10. Elkin Fernando Muñoz Duque        (Columbia)

11. Alvaro-Luca Ellwart                        (Germany)

12. Darijus Gerlikas                                 (Lithuania)

13. Esther Gleuwitz                                (Germany)

14.   Monika Glöss                                        (Germany)

15. Elena Gorbunova                                (Russia)

16. Pia Groh                                                (Austria)

17. Maja Houtman                                        (Holland)

18. Yufang Hu                                        (Taiwan)

19. Jon Gook Jun                                        (South Korea)

20. Singrida Jurkšaitytė                                (Lithuania)

21. Paweł Kaczyński                                (Poland)

22. Maria Konschake                                (Germany)

23. Lena Lindahl                                        (Sweden)

24. Janjaap Luijt                                        (Holland)

25. Peter Machata                                (Slovakia)

26. Susanne Matsché                                (Austria)

27. Christine Matthias                                (Germany)

28. Dot Melanin                                        (Israel)

29. Felicia Mülbaier                                (Germany)

30. Michalina Owczarek                        (Poland)

31. Sham Patwardhan-Joshi                        (India)

32. Veronika Pouzarová                        (Czech Republic)

33. Alberto Dávila Quesada                         (Mexico)

34. Kateřina Řezáčová                           (Czech Republic)

35. Mária Roskó                                        (Hungary)

36.   Kacper Schiffers                                    (Poland)

37. Oliver Schwalm                               (Germany)

38. Agnieszka Sendecka                       (Poland)

39. Annie Sibert                                       (France)

40. Alżbèta Skalická                               (Czech Republic)

41. Mariko Sumioka                               (Japan) 

42. Magdalena Szadkowska                       (Poland)

43. Tim Udvardi-Lakos                               (Germany)

44. Miroslava Veselá                               (Czech Republic)

45. Heike Walk                                       (Germany)

46. Arek Wolski                                       (Poland)































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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2018 
Dates:  1st May - 9th June 2018


Culmination: 17th – 18th of May 2018
Venue: Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland