Aleksandra Szulc


The exhibition presents three collections of the artist: "Move”, “Boho”  and "Tattoos”.

Move is a diploma collection inspired by the anatomy of human movement. On the one hand, works refer to the structure of joints in a non-verbal way, on the other - they show movement in the metaphysical dimension - as a possibility of change and choice. Artist referred to the interchangeability of elements and the freedom to juxtapose them with each other. Such a procedure makes it possible to create a practically infinite number of combinations. Both brooches and necklaces can have various forms and colour combinations. In the collection of necklaces arist have created spheres covered with simple, geometric planes imitating the mechanism of human joints, which by means of magnets connect individual parts into larger elements. These, in turn, construct larger forms with the use of metal modules. The collection of brooches is constructed in such a way that all the elements are equipped with magnets that can be used to create any composition, both in terms of form and colour.




Boho this work is a kind of game with boho style, referring to the culture of flower children from the 60s of the 20th century. It is also a game with form - breaking certain conventions through bold physical and mental juxtapositions. Apart from beads geometric forms and Polish highland rosettes, there is also Baltic amber. The whole piece is presented in the form of jewellery - large, yet in a way minimalistic.

The work was presented in the Trendbook 2018 catalogue. Created under the supervision of Dr. Sergiusz Kuchczyński.


Tattoos these are brooches and necklaces inspired by a tattoo – a decoration intriguing, both „public” and un versal, and as personal as a tattoo can be. It is not only a drawing or a form of artistic expression, but also a scar, nevus or „imperfection” of the skin. It is also a piece of information - something that speaks about us and others (a souvenir, a symbol, a memory).




The jewellery I create is an image of my search for my own way and a means of individual expression. I experiment with different materials and techniques, which often leads to surprising results. I always base my projects on ideas. I want my jewellery to tell different stories. For me it is not only a form of body decoration, but also a kind of amulet or an important symbol for the person who wears it. In my subsequent works I notice a process that takes shape throughout my entire artistic path. Currently, I work mainly with epoxy, but I also often try to reach for natural materials.

I am a graduate of the Bachelor's studies in jewellery design at Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Faculty of Textiles and Clothing. I continue my studies at the Master's level.

Aleksandra Szulc






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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2020

April - June 2020

Culmination: 8 - 9 May 2020